Kyle Buonocore

kyleName: Kyle Buonocore

Bike: Bianchi San Jose
w/ Velocity Chukkers 48h

Years played: 0.75yrs

Occupation: ER Physician Scribe & Student

Super Power: Passing … gas

Favorite Heckle: Where’s my ball Justin!?

How did you get started? Bobby Feldman said, “I have a polo bike, and a mallet, and this box of tubes you can have for $___ (undisclosed amount because of it being too cheap)”. And Tallahassee is welcoming and played three nights a week;

What is your best polo memory? Getting cheered for and winning MVP at Mobile’s Camp Hickasabogue.

Where do you see polo in 5 years time? IN MY BACK YARD.

Something interesting about yourself: I grow coral in a four gallon tank on my kitchen counter


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