Keven Code


Name: Kevin “Sexy Kevin” Conrecode, or Code if you can’t pronounce that.

Bike: A vilano. I’ve kept it rolling despite a car, Kyle’s cannon shots and a few hard wrecks, thanks to Krank it Up.

Years played: 2 years I believe.

Occupation: I’ll get back to you on that after I graduate.

endo kevinSuper Power: I’ve long thought I was invincible, and no one has disproven that yet.

Favorite Heckle: you can yell anything at me and it will pretty much make me ride and play a lot harder, but “pedalhahdah!” is probably my favorite.

How did you get started? I remember seeing the guys playing in the garage every Thursday night, and it peaked my interest. So, one day I showed up and someone let me borrow a mallet and a bike. I’m really lucky to have such a supportive polo scene, everyone was really encouraging and made sure I got plenty of passes. It’s hard not to be hooked with such a fun environment.

What is your best polo memory? I’m not sure if one memory sticks out the most. I just love to see a miraculous shot, and better yet an awesome shot followed by an even more incredible block.

kevin 2

Where do you see polo in 5 years time?

I’d love to see more polo clubs pop up for sure. I think it will do a whole lot for the sport if city councils start seeing us as more than a bunch of kids messing around. Hopefully in 5 years cities will allow us to take dead spaces and turn them into polo places.

Something interesting about yourself: I once pulled a baby out of a flipped SUV.


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