Chris Hill


Name: Christopher “Chris Cross” Hill

Bike: Surly Steamroller.

615809_435926419802691_1584199277_oTeam: The Ginyu Force, 321 Pollo!, and formerly of the Funk Buddies.

Years played: 2.5

Occupation: Bike mechanic, student, Social Media Coordinator.

Super Power: Cat whisperer. Passing to Bob.

Favorite Heckle: “Worth it!”

How did you get started? Danny Wood and I played ultimate together years and years ago. We also both worked at Krank it up! together and one day he said something along the lines of “You should play this other really silly game too.” I came out one night on Alison’s old Peugeot SS conversion and preceded to run over the head of my own mallet for two hours. And it’s all been down hill from there. 28047_4048847940877_1918041505_n

What is your best polo memory? The finals of the South in Yo’ Mouth tournament in Memphis against Pelon, Andrew, and Diago. We (Ginyu) came up from the losers bracket and took them to the final-finals. The most nerve racking and exhilarating game of my polo career so far.

Where do you see polo in 5 years time? Sitting at the bar watching ESPN 3: Red Bull Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship Series presented by Old Spice. (Or, you know, playing in it.)

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