Bob Delgado

bobName: Bob “Tricky Bob” Delgado

Team: The Ginyu Force, 321 Pollo!, formerly of the Funk Buddies.

Bike: Aluminum MTB with fat tires (Soon to be custom Old Field).

Years played: 2.5

Occupation: Graphic Designer for FSU Libraries.

Super Power: Frame Breaker.

Favorite Heckle: “Save the shots for the court.”

How did you get started? Came out to watch as a joke and fell in love with the sport.

What is your best polo memory? I have two, the trip to Charleston with the Hand Titans (Jimmy and Travis), and the first mallet given to me be Danny Wood.

Where do you see polo in 5 years time?  Kids buying shirts with my name on the back.

Something interesting about yourself: I shoot goals in my sleep.


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