Arnold Francisco


Name: Arnold Francisco

Bike: MKE Bruiser

Team: The Ginyu Force.

arnold 2Years Played: Started in 2007.

Occupation:Musician/ bike enthusiast/ barista/ student/ professional hater.

Super Power: Making jokes.

Favorite Heckle: “Colby”

How did you get started: My friend Luke, who got my into bikes to begin with, invited me to play on top of this parking garage in Tallahassee. We waited around for 2 hours as people slowly showed up but no one brought the bag that contained all the balls/mallets. A few months later Danny Wood invited me to play and I’ve been hooked since!arnold 1

What is your best polo memory: Danny Wood’s face after winning All Florida 1 and the inspiring passion Tallahassee polo has.

Where do you see polo in 5 years time: Polo games on the moon.

Something interesting about yourself: Tallahassee native.


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