The Packard Head-First Impressions

Some of the Atlanta kids have been using this type of head for a while now, and when Michael Packard asked if I wanted one during Hippolo, I threw my money at him.
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IMAG0266  IMAG0268  IMAG0267

I got a pair of these little beauties a few days ago. And as you can see, there’s a hole in that there cap. The “C” either stands for “cap” or “I made this with love for Christopher xoxoxo”. Probably both.
In today’s world of unibody, magical, and dairy flavored heads, I was excited to try this different style. It also has a larger internal diameter (ID) than most of the readily available capped heads. For scoopin’!  

My well loved Alchemy head is on the left there, and you can see the difference in diameter. The ID comes in, just inside legal limits, at 55mm. The wall thicknesses are about the same at the open end. The Alchemy head actually has thinner walls along the inside and has more material at the ends. It wasn’t possible to measure, but from what I can gather, the full cap of the Alchemy head is thinner than the (semi)cap of the Packard head. 

After drilling, it came in at just about 80g. That’s exactly what the afore-pictured Alchemy head weighs. Probably the difference between more-cap-thinner-wall and less-cap-thicker-wall evens out.

IMAG0276 IMAG0277
I took to the Red Courts for a test ride after work and I love this thing. I found myself nostalgic for the way the white stuff feels when dribbling. I’ve been using the black stuff for so long (St. Cago and Alchemy) that I forgot how the regular UHMW reacts.
Read: Feels good.

I can already tell what type of mallet this is going to be for me. Not a shooting mallet, but a passing and driving mallet. I’m not a heavy hitter, I make no qualms about that. So I’m not looking to take huge, Crazy Canuck’s style shots (if only). But I’m like everybody in that I love not losing the ball. This head makes that possible. The more predictable sidewalls and the big ol’ open end make ball handling a wizz.

Scoops were a cinch as I hoped, and I could toss the ball right where I wanted. Still can’t pick it up though. But hey, caries are illegal now, so to hell with them.
What it doesn’t have is the springiness that a fully capped head has. There’s a real solid, Neanderthal feeling to this head. It feels like playing with two open ends, which makes sense. If you like the way a fully capped head feels when you shoot. That sort of, absorb then release, tennis racket sponginess, the “pop” sensation. Then this head isn’t for you. But if you like a stiff, predictable, less musical head, then pick one of these up.

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