Long Live the King!


This past weekend was a good one for Tallahassee. The undisputed grandfather of TBP—Southeast Regional Rep, a.k.a. Big Mamma, a.k.a. Ddub—Danny Wood tied the knot this past weekend. And with none other than Avril McGrath. I couldn’t imagine two people better suited for each other. The service was outside in the sunshine, just off the beach at Wakulla Springs. There were ukuleles, bubbles, giggles, and tears. It was beautiful; I absolutely cried.

971572_10200670665321874_419566510_nBut the real story was on the dance floor after dinner. #whitepeopledancing.

Weddings always bring the best of friends to town. And where there’s friends, there’s polo. Venus has practically moved here by now, spending the majority of weekends per month in Tally playing pickup, then driving back to Jax to pay the bills during the week. You never know what rental car she’ll have next. I hear she may be making the permanent trip soon?

936290_10152799651335167_1453070131_nSome of the Gainesville boys were in town for D&A’s W and brought their whole stable with them. They rode some trail, and down to the springs, and then they were at polo Sunday afternoon! (Reminder: Ride bike more, grow thicker mustache, be like Austin.) Man, it’s awesome to have out of towners at pickup.

That and Sexy Kevin rolled up with the party trailer: Boombox on 16″ wheels with a built in beer holder.


The sun was out, tunes were on, beers were icing, the polo was hopping. Harmony got us the hookup on ‘zza, and right as the sun set, we munched. Tasting the sweet tomato-based crust of a terrific weekend.

Nothing like love for Big Mamma and Avril to bring the panhandle together for some Sunday afternoon party pickup.


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