All Florida 5 Results

This past weekend was a blast. Good times and good polo were had by all. Tallahassee’s 3-2-1 Pollo! held it down in the finals, despite Ft. Myers’s Midnight Snack staging a 4 point comeback in the second half. We’re proud to harbor the, now two-time, state champions in Tallahassee. Keeping it in the capitol!

321 Pollo! Bob Delgado, Christopher Hill, and Justin Pogge.

See the full bracket.

And tons of great photos by Hansley Photos.

Again, thank you to our sponsors! We couldn’t have built the courts without you!



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Living, riding, reading, and writing in Tallahassee.
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One Response to All Florida 5 Results

  1. Emily says:

    You guyz ROCK. Loving this site!

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